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What to Expect

What to Expect When Seeing a Psychiatrist?

    A psychiatrist is a medically trained specialist doctor who specializes in assessing and providing appropriate treatment/interventions to problems related to our psychological/emotional health.

    He is trained in providing medical (i.e. licensed to prescribe medications) and psychological therapies. He is accredited and registered as a specialist doctor with Singapore Medical Council and Ministry of Health, Singapore. Best treatment outcomes come from early assessment and treatment.  

Seeing Your Psychiatrist for the 1st Time?

    You may feel uncertain and worried of what to expect when you or your family members are seeing a psychiatrist for the first time. Such feelings are very common and expected.

Questions that you may have include:

·         How to get an appointment to see the psychiatrist?

·         What will the psychiatric consultation be like? How long will I need to spend there?

·         What happens if I share some private and personal information with the psychiatrist?

·         If I need treatment, what will the treatment(s) be like?

·         Must I always take medication?

·         Do I have a choice in deciding which appropriate treatment option I prefer?

Allow us to guide you through the above common concerns by reading the following:

(1)    Coming to see our doctor is an easy process. You, your family members or your doctor can make an appointment by contacting our clinic directly. 

(a)    It will be beneficial if you/ family member can provide our clinic staff with basic information for the reason of the consultation (e.g. for mood concerns, context, any need for medical report, etc) so as to best understand your needs and provide you with a suitable date/ time-allocation for your appointment with our doctor, OR to suggest a different doctor/other medical center/hospital which may be more suitable for your clinical needs and context.

(2)    On the day of appointment, kindly bring along:

(a)    A photo identity document for registration purpose
(b)    Any other documents (e.g. medical reports, any past blood tests results and etc) that you think may be useful for our doctor to understand your concerns better. You may also bring along someone whom you trust and may request that he/she be with you during the consultation.
(c)    For a patient who is a child or adolescent, you (as parent/legal guardian) may wish to bring along his/her past and present academic results/report books for doctor to review. You may also prepare your child to see the doctor by sharing with your child that the family (and not the child alone) is going to see a doctor to get some health advice. You may also consider bringing along your child’s favourite toys/materials to keep your child comfortably occupied at the waiting area. Please note that for children less than 7 years of age, our clinic will recommend that the patient consults a Developmental Pediatrician instead as our clinic provides services for children 7 years old and above. In addition, all child and adolescent patients should be accompanied by his/her parent/legal guardian during the clinic consultation.

(3)    Our specialist clinic is conveniently located & accessible at 101 Irrawaddy Road, Royal Square at Novena, #13-05, which is beside Novena MRT Station (Click on Contact Us). Upon entering our specialist clinic, you will be assisted by our friendly staff for an easy registration process.

(4)    Our specialist clinic strives to provide a conducive, private and relaxed environment where you can rest comfortably whilst awaiting to see our doctor. Our doctor will attend to you as soon as possible.

Consultation & Assessment Process

    You will be meeting our doctor in a private consultation room.

    It will usually take about 45 mins to 1 hour (or longer for more complex case) for the 1st consultation with our doctor. Providing as much relevant information as possible to our doctor will help our doctor to better understand your concerns. Our experienced doctor will guide you along the consultation.

Management and Treatment

    After reviewing the appropriate information, our doctor will discuss with you the possible diagnosis(es), management and treatment plan. Occasionally, the doctor may need to do some blood tests and/or other psychological assessments.

    Psychological conditions respond best when treatment is provided early, but it’s never too late to seek help. In many situations, there will be various appropriate treatment options for you and our doctor to jointly discuss before deciding on the best treatment plan that is in your best interests. These treatment options may include Pharmacological Treatment (i.e. with medication) and Psychological Therapy.