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Learning/ Intellectual Disability

Psychological Conditions Associated with Learning and/or Intellectual Disability

     Anxiety, depression and disruptive behaviour may be due to underlying learning and/or intellectual disability. These may manifest as school refusal or poor academic performances.

    Some information on learning and/or intellectual disability:

    Dyslexia (a reading disorder), for example, is one type of learning disorder.  For intellectual disability, global low intellectual functioning accompanied by significant impairments in adaptive functioning are hallmarks of the condition. Not every child/adolescent with a learning disorder or intellectual disability must be placed in a formal Special Education (SPED) School

    Having a comprehensive cognitive (e.g. IQ), academic/learning and adaptive functioning assessments by a psychologist are critical; with these assessments, the child/adolescent can then be recommended to receive the appropriate type of school education and subsequent relevant training to cater to the child’s level of cognitive and functioning abilities. Additional interventions such as speech-language therapy, occupational therapy and psychological therapy will likely be beneficial too. Our clinic will refer the child to the relevant psychologist, occupational therapist, and other allied health professionals for these assessments if needed.

    These collective interventions aim to help the child/adolescent reduce the risk and level of anxiety, depression or disruptive behaviours, leading to maximal learning potential and achievement in life.


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